DETAILED PROGRAM: Which films will we watch at the Revue of Documentaries about Human Rights

A review of documentaries about human rights will be held on December 9 (Saturday), from 5 p.m., in the Student Theater in Banja Luka, and we present to you the complete program of films that you will be able to watch (free entry):


“We Won”, Adnan Selimović

In life, we are often not asked. The roles are assigned to us, the paths are written down, and all that remains is for us to be as good and strong as possible. No one chooses cancer and no one wants it. It occurs. It happens. It happens out of nowhere. The fight goes on and never ends.

The film “We Won” brings the stories of winners who came out of the fight called cancer as champions. Sharing the personal experiences of people who have been diagnosed with different types of cancer aims to encourage all those who are now going through this struggle.

Victory must be the only goal!

“Reznica“, Davor Marinković

Reznica represents two generations of refugees who are still trying to create a new identity after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Mirjana and Borislav spent most of their lives in a collective center in Serbia. Now they are preparing for a journey into the past and a future where they want to have a home and put down roots.

“Travelers“, Mirza Ajnadžić, Kuma International 2023

The film documents a transformative journey during the implementation of the “Music in my Suitcase” project. The lens follows not only music, but also common human stories. The focus is on the musicians and the dedicated team of the Kuma International organization as they conduct workshops, erasing borders with people on the move who happened to be in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This documentary is more than a musical chronicle; it is evidence and an example of good practice. It is a visual poem, resonating with warmth and creativity, illustrating how acceptance of others not only enriches our lives but adds intrinsic value to our shared existence. This is a passionate advocacy for the integration of different cultures and a message to society to recognize the potential that people on the move bring to our common tapestry.

The film invites viewers to think about their own journeys, illustrating that each of us is a traveler in some way.

“She“, Tamara Zečević

Where is She when we talk about human rights? She is a face in motion. She will say it in her own words.

“Get the Sun: El Shatt

The film touches on some historical facts about the largest El Shatt refugee camp in the Sinai desert in Egypt during World War II, based on material from Croatian and international archives interwoven with visuals of this desert non-place now. The film is an attempt to reconstruct the fragmented memory of an unknown history of migration in the Mediterranean as a trans-temporal cinematic journey.

“Brother“, Ajdin Kamber and Vanja Stokić

On their way to the countries of the European Union, dozens of migrants from Asia and Africa drown every year in the rivers between Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Only a few of them are identified, as evidenced by the numerous boards above the earthen mounds with NN markings. A negligible number of victims are returned to their families in their countries of origin.

Most of them were buried in local cemeteries, without taking a sample for DNA analysis. These are neglected graves, often overgrown with grass and littered with garbage. Even the dead are not treated with respect here.

Thanks to the efforts of activists, several cases were resolved and the families got the conclusion they needed. While the procedures for identifying and returning bodies are very complicated and financially out of reach for families, institutions do not want to participate. Hope is provided by individuals within the system who knowingly violate legal procedures to help them.

At the same time, on the overgrown and neglected graves, boards with NN markings stand obtrusively as a permanent seal that their families will never know the fate of their loved ones nor will they ever find their peace.

Cover PHOTO: Pixabay


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