“Photo Voices for Peace”

“Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly” Banja Luka, with the support of American Embassy in BiH, starts with the implementation of the project “Photo Voices for Peace” dedicated to young people from eight (8) municipalities: Doboj/ Maglaj, Usora/Doboj Jug, Modriča/Gradačac and Šamac/Domaljevac/Odžak. Though these cities are relatively close to one another, there is almost no communication between young people from these communities. It is necessary to work on their connection, strengthening capacities in peacebuilding, and leadership so that the tension would be decreased and good cooperation and sustainable peace would be established.

The project is aimed to create space for interconnection, cooperation and common activities directed towards promotion of inter-ethnic understanding among young people as one of the most marginalized groups in BiH.