FOURTH POLICY BRIEF: Integrating sexual extortion into laws and regulations

The fourth in a series of Policy Briefs, prepared by the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka, aims to present the possible integration of sexual extortion into labor laws in the institutions and civil service of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The integration of the concept of sexual extortion into the laws related to the work of civil servants and institutions is extremely important, however, these laws in BiH still do not have this concept integrated in their articles.

We believe that legal provisions that would include the concept of sexual extortion are also crucial for preserving the integrity of institutions and the ethical work of civil servants.

We remind you that sexual extortion is corruption and a form of abuse of power, where a person with authority uses his/her position to obtain sexual services from employees.

How the concept of sexual extortion, according to the Analysis of Legal Regulations, can be integrated into legal policies, read in this Policy Brief 4:



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