Research on the prevalence of sexual extortion (sextortion) in society

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka in the period July 14-30, 2023 conducts survey on the prevalence of sexual extortion in the private and public sector.

Sexual extortion (sextortion) is a combination of sexual harassment and abuse of entrusted power (corruption), in order to obtain sexual benefits. This is a global phenomenon that has a devastating impact on women and other vulnerable groups. This is a gender-specific form of corruption and sexual violence, which is not formally legally recognized as such in the laws of BiH. Awareness of the existence of sexual extortion as a form of corruption is extremely low, and an additional problem is the poor documentation on the practice of proving and institutional mechanisms for determining sexual extortion.

The survey questionnaire was created in order to collect data and evaluate the dominant attitudes and opinions about sexual extortion in the public and private sector.

The survey results will be used exclusively for the stated purposes.

The survey questionnaire is completely ANONYMOUS and available at: Research on prevalence of sexual extortion

The success of this survey depends on your honest answers.

The survey is conducted within the project “Citizens in the Fight against Silent Corruption”, supported by USAID and CCI.

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