Establishment of the ALUMNI club

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (HCA) from Banja Luka every year organizes online education under title “Gender Equality in the EU Integration Process”. Aim of this activity is building capacities among students from different cities of BiH to analyze, monitor and advocate for improvement of women’s human rights in the process of integration of our country into EU. After training, all interested have opportunity to write papers on given topic which are later published and presented to a wider public.

All that pass this training become part of our community and depending on personal interests have opportunity to attend different events which are organized by HCA. Having this in mind, this weekend in Sarajevo we have established alumni club together with three generations of attendees of this education.

Alumni club is the group for all those who are part of this education program and wish to stay in connection with us and other colleagues. The goal is establishment and maintenance of connection between Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly and former attendees of online academy as well as encouragement of mutual cooperation in order to have stronger impact by joint activism to issues of gender equality and EU Integration. HCA wishes to establish permanent connection with its students and activists and inform them on activities, its development plans and education programs. In addition, after series of zoom sessions we wished to meet each other live and spend pleasant time all together by exchanging experiences and ideas.  

Activity is part of the project „Academy for Women’s Rights” supported by Heinrich Bӧll Foundation.


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