Presentation of the gender analysis of the EU report on BiH for 2023

The Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly BL took part today and presented the current situation regarding gender equality in BiH at an online event organized by the Swedish Foundation Kvinna till Kvinna. The event brought together relevant actors from the entire Western Balkans, especially the national EU delegations, DG NEAR, representatives of the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, civil society organizations and other relevant parties.

During the first working session, the gender analysis and the response of DG NEAR were presented. The second session focused on brief reports from each country individually. The representative of HCA BL presented the development of the political situation in the country and how it affects the issues of human rights, gender equality and EU integration.

In addition to the event and the presentation of the gender analysis of the EU report for 2023, all other necessary details can be found in the publication here.


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