MEETING WITH OMBUDSMAN NEVENKO VRANJEŠ: Victims of sexual extortion can contact the Institution of Ombudsman

Victims of sexual extortion can also contact the Institution of the Ombudsman for Human Rights of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will act within its competences, it was pointed out today, April 16, at the meeting we had with the Ombudsman of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr. Nevenko Vranješ and expert associate from the Department for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Mirjana Štulić.

The theme of this advocacy meeting was the campaign implemented by the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka “Sexual Extortion is Corruption. Let’s Break the Silence!”, and within the project “Citizens in the Fight against Silent Corruption”.

The representative of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, Vesna Iliktarević, informed the Ombudsman about the activities carried out within the campaign, the results of the Research on the Prevalence of Sexual Extortion in Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Analysis of Regulations Regarding Sexual Extortion, and the importance of the concept of sexual extortion being introduced into the appropriate laws and anti-corruption strategies.

The competence of the Ombudsperson regarding the mentioned topic was also discussed, and it was said during the meeting that victims of sexual extortion from both the public and private sectors can contact this institution, because the victims are mostly in a subordinate and discriminatory position, and the perpetrators are those who have power, authority and superior position.

We remind you that sexual extortion is a combination of sexual harassment and corruption, that is, a gender-specific form of corruption.


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