Representatives of the Gender Center of Republic of Srpska were introduced to the campaign regarding sexual extortion

Within the project “Citizens in the Fight against Silent Corruption” and the campaign “Sexual Extortion is Corruption. Let’s Break the Silence” on February 14, 2024, a meeting was held with the representatives of the Gender Center of Republic of Srpska, where we introduced them to this campaign and the possibilities of integrating the concept of sexual extortion into various legislative acts in the Republic of Srpska.

We introduced them to the results of the “Research on the Prevalence of Sexual Extortion in Society” and the “Analysis of Regulations Regarding Sexual Extortion”.

There was a special emphasis on the Draft Law on Protection against Domestic Violence and Violence against Women in the Republic of Srpska, which we believe, and the analysis of legal regulations that we did showed, is necessary and possible to supplement with sexual extortion.

The representatives of the Gender Center of Republic of Srpska introduced us to the priority activities they implement, and emphasized the importance of stopping and preventing any type of violence against women.

Sexual extortion is a combination of sexual harassment and corruption, i.e. a gender-specific form of corruption, which as such is not yet formally – legally recognized in the laws.


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