SIXTH POLICY BRIEF: Integrating sexual extortion into anti-corruption laws and strategies

Sexual extortion (sextortion) is a specific form of sexual abuse and exploitation that contains elements of gender-based violence and corruption. Precisely for these reasons, we can say that it is a specific form of corrupt behavior in which the service provider uses his position of power (real or imagined) to obtain certain sexual services (of any form) from another person in exchange for the performed service. It is most often directed towards women, and a typical example of such corruption can be found in institutions and companies, where persons who have the “power” to decide on the position of other employed persons, as a counter-service for promotion in service and work (deserved or undeserved), ask for sexual services. However, sexual extortion is still not formally – legally recognized in the laws, so as a corrupt act (sexual corruption) it is still not in the anti-corruption laws or in the strategies in BiH. In this sixth Policy Brief, we present an analysis of laws and strategies related to corruption, as well as recommendations in which articles/provisions the term “sexual extortion” can be integrated as a corrupt act.



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