Research on the prevalence of sexual extortion in society

The subject of research on the prevalence of sexual extortion in society is sexual extortion as a combination of sexual harassment and abuse of entrusted power (corruption), in order to obtain sexual benefits.

The general goal of the created empirical research is reflected in the collection of data on the awareness and prevalence (of sexual extortion) in the public and private sector, and for the purpose of determining the different attitudes, views and opinions of the respondents on the subject of the research. In addition, the goal is also reflected in gaining insight into the attitudes and thoughts of the respondents about the phenomenon, its prevalence, impact on individuals and society.

Also, the goal of the research is to examine the possibility of integrating the term sexual extortion “sextortion” into the relevant laws and policies.

The research is available at:

Istrazivanje i Rasprostranjenost sextrortiona u privatnom i javnom sektoru_Final 25 septemberDownload


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